Sabtu, 12 Juni 2010
Gambar di atas adalah salah satu desain logo untuk sebuah perusahaan publishing, entah bergerak di bidang e-publishing atau di bidang media cetak. Inspired by the seal of a king in ancient China, I make the logo to be "seal alike" but it came too far so the result is quite bad. It has eight symbols, they are the fire, the earth/stone, the break, the darkness, the focus, the short-hindrances, the nature/tree, and the last is the water. Each has its own meaning. The first it"the fire" it means we have the spirit like fire to survive from every hindrance that comes. The second; "the earth/stone, it tells us to be steady with our principles and agree to what it's right. Next, there's the break, it represents that there sometimes comes a break where we should let it break to calm our mind so as to give us better insight.

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