Dhammatalk - Tampil Beda a la Buddhis

Rabu, 23 November 2011

One of the incoming events in Makassar specially for Buddhists in Makassar is Dhammatalk titled “Tampil Beda a la Buddhis” held on December 3rd 2011 in Mercure Hotel, Makassar. The event initiated by KBBV (Keluarga Buddhis Brahmavihara) presents Mr. Cornelis Wowor, MA, a clever and smart Dhamma-talker. He is one of the men helping the development of Buddhism in Indonesia. Besides, he is a Buddhism book-writer and also a teacher in several Buddhism colleges in Indonesia. Once lived as a monk for 4 years under the name of Bhikkhu Aggabalo has made him a smart and clever Dhamma-talker. So, are you curious about the event? Well, you can contact on the person mentioned on the picture. Just click and zoom the picture or if you have a problem about the picture, ask me.

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