Meneropong Hoki & Happy dari Wajah & Gaya Bicara

Selasa, 11 September 2012

(English) Meneropong Hoki & Happy dari Wajah & Gaya Bicara

One of the big events held in Makassar is a seminar “Meneropong Hoki & Happy dari Wajah & Gaya Bicara. The seminar held by KBBV Makassar will present 2 famous speaker, Erwin Yap and Dr. Ponijan Liaw,M.Pd. Let’s see their profiles at a glance.

Erwin Yap, a face reader, Fengshui practicians, and Ba Zi, was born in Jakarta under the Chinese Zodiac of Rooster. At first he didn’t believe in life path reading based on face contour, is it true? More and more questions arose and he decided to learn Chinese metaphysics to other country such as Belgian, Netherlands, Singapore, and Malaysia because in China itself, most of the original sources have been extinct because of political conflicts. Upon learning, he found out that Chinese metaphysics are based on empirical dataset that’ll become a formula. The formulas are something practical that once applied in daily life will enhance one’s life quality. So, the rumor of Chinese metaphysics being labelled mystical is not true. Since then, he starts sharing his knowledge in any possible form such as seminars, talk shows, or attending radios, cooperating with banks, articles in magazines, etc. he wants to change society’s paradigm of Chinese metaphysics are not mystical, but practical and useful.
Dr. Ponijan Liaw, Indonesia’s Number 1 Communicator, was born in North Sumatra, September 5th 1968, under the Chinese sign of Monkey. During the days of his educations, he was inspired by his English teacher’s sincerity, thus made him a choice of entering IKIP Medan in Language Major, English Department. From that point on, the history of his life begins. After graduating from the college, he founded The STAR Foreign Language Education Institute at his home, Tebingtinggi. For the sake of his career, he founded “The Widyatara Australia Education and Foreign Language Institute” in Jakarta. Later, he realized his dream to be a public speaker and he found out that teaching is less fulfilling, so he founded (again) The Energetic People Development Center, with the motto” improving better life with you”. Lots of seminar and training routinely held there until now. At the end of 2005, he pointed Expert Staff of Sport and Youth Ministry until the end of 2009. Currently, he’s currently working as radio presenter, public speaker, trainer, guest lecturer, and a writer with variety of topics.
These two incredible speakers will be here in Makassar on Sunday, October 21st  2012 at Aston Hotel & Convention Center. Mr. Erwin will share his knowledge about face reading, FengShui, and Ba Zi. Whereas Dr. Po will be presenting the art of public speaking and communication according to face reading. Ticket price:
VIP: Rp. 200.000,-
Regular: Rp. 150.000,-

If you are interested in this duo, don’t miss the special sale on this September!
VIP: Rp. 180.000,-
Regular: Rp. 130.000,-

For ticket reservation, please contact KBBV (+62 899 150 1838) or Ms Lince (+62 411 505 1732)
Note: This is the first time Erwin Yap appear publicly in Makassar so don’t miss it!

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