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Sabtu, 06 Agustus 2011
Hello readers, welcome back here. I'm so busy that I almost don't have time to make some publishing in this site.  Well, here's my design using Vectortuts+'s robot template. Take a look.
The cyber swordsman Jian Se (meaning Four Sword, or Death Sword), a highly skilled cyber swordsman who is equipped with four swords that makes him very deadly. Two long swords attached on his back and two shorter swords attached on his waist. His famous technique is “Dancing Swords” that use one to three  swords to attack his enemy with stabbing strike. His ultimate technique is “Thousand Slash” that uses one sword followed by two, three, and the last four swords to unleash deadly and highly fast slashes to end his enemy. Do not try to challenge him if you don’t want to be slashed :D.

As usual, your comment or opinion is always welcome. 

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Anonim at: 11 Agustus 2011 20.13 mengatakan...

cool ^^ i want to try it tooo.....

{ Ardi Delon } at: 12 Agustus 2011 05.44 mengatakan...

just follow the link above and download the template, the round 3 will be closed on 14th august, so hurry!

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