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Selasa, 24 Agustus 2010
I started to design my logo several months ago, but was postponed due to other works prioritized. At first, I want to design my logo using my name's first letters, which are A and I. From the sketching, I found out that it can be made into ambigram, which I thought would give added value as creating an ambigram is not an easy task. My unfinished design is below (haven't posted):

The letter A and I are connected on the bottom, so if it's turned upside down, it still can be read AI. AI could means Artificial Intelligence or my full name, Ardi Irawan. But the problem is the two letters connected seem to read N instead of AI. I've tried to solve the N problem by adding a dot to strengthen the I but I think the dot makes the logo look unproportional. Months later, I try to redesign it and here's my final design:


It looks like a number 2, so I add my name to make it clear and unambigous. I add a dot to make the logo clear in case I didn't place my name. Timeless is one of the key to a great logo, and gray is perfect for this.

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