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Jumat, 03 September 2010
I read a guide about one of DotA characters, The Juggernaut – Yurnero. Almost all Yurnero guides tell to max blade fury as it's the main skill of Yurnero early game, and it's obvious for all DotA players, it's the main nuke skill, makes Yurnero immune to magic, and high damage – medium cooldown, and as an escaping tool. Say, Blade Fury is a multiple in one skill. Next, the choice between stats and blade dance. Blade dance is very good because it gives Yurnero double attack in one shot only. I think that's the reason blade dance is maxed out second. While blade dance gives critical 2,0, stats can't be ignored because Yurnero is very fragile in early game and tent to be harassed by enemy players. The solution I'm thinking is that stats and blade dance are maxed in zig-zag way, but I prefer stats than blade dance because stats gives you longer survivability on lane (added hp) and more action (added mana, added armor). Blade dance is great, but 10% on lv. 1 is very low. I think the critical would do the job in middle-late game. One of my surprise about the guide is the core item. Every warrior have their own core item to complete them. The guide about Yurnero tells that the core item of Yurnero is Mask of Madness. What??? Are you kiddin me? No, I'm not. At first I did feel too, but soon I did agree too that the core item of Yurnero is Mask of Madness (MoM).

Why MoM?
Mask of Madness (MoM) gives the user berserk mode in which increased 100% attack speed (as) and 20% move speed (ms) for 12 s, consequently the user received extra 30% damage during berserk mode. MoM is very useful for Yurnero when performing Omnislash.

Lv. 1 = 3 slashes (5 for Aghanim's Scepter)
Lv. 2 = 5 slashes (7 for Aghanim's Scepter)
Lv. 3 = 8 slashes (10 for Aghanim's Scepter)

Damage type = physical
Damage range = 150 – 250
Search range = 450
AoE range = 425

With enough attack speed, Yurnero can do extra attacks while Omnislashing. These extra attacks provide Yurnero to place the orb effect for his extra attacks such as bash, critical, slow, maim, corruption and many other.  The time between each slash is 0,7 s, while Yurnero basic attack time (BAT) is 1,7 s. It means, by using MoM, in Omnislash lv. 1 Yurnero will perform 4 or 5 instead of 3 slashes (assumption Yurnero's as is between 100% - 200%).

With around 242% - 250% as and Lv. 3 Omnislash, Yurnero can perform 5 or 6 extra attacks, total: 8 + 5 or 6 = 13 or 14 attacks. In depth mechanics below:

The highest attackspeed that an item give is MoM (the second is Mjollnir [70as] Butterfly [60 as], third is Hyperstone [55 as] Butterfly [60as], fourth is Hyperstone [55 as]). So, how can you afford MoM as your core item? Well, every player has their own play style, so the decision is up to them.

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