Switching to Tumblr?

Rabu, 06 April 2011
I’ve just found out that there is another site used for blogging beside Blogger and Wordpress, Tumblr. Sounds familiar or not? Well, Tumblr is a website for blog hosting founded in 2007. After taking a trip I kinda think to switch my website into Tumblr thinking and hoping that my website looks fresher and a little bit different from others (is it true? I don’t know) , also I’d like to explore more in Tumblr, but I’m afraid if I switch my web I will lose availability acquired from Blogger. Another counter-attack about maintaining my existence in Blogger is I haven’t explored more in Blogger, and I admit it. So, finally I have three options to get through.

1. Switch my blog to Tumblr. Thus will motivate me to post more articles and works (increase my productivity)

2. Maintain my existence in Blogger, getting Tumblr only waste my time and probably lose some of my readers (although I’m not sure if I have readers). Increase productivity truly depends on me, not by switching blog.

3. Get Tumblr as my second blog. Use Blogger as my English delivered blog and Tumblr as my Indonesian delivered blog, post the same articles (my readers probably will split and there’s no uniqueness in each blog as they serve the same articles – not effective)

I’m asking you, readers, if you have any suggestion please comment or let me know whether it’s email, Facebook’s comment, message, wall post, Friendster or Twitter (ardidelon). Thank you.

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