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Rabu, 16 Maret 2011
A DJ identity for DJ Kouei, resides in California, USA. He plays trance and progressive music. He also has radio show on presenting Rush Hour every second Tuesday of the month and every Tuesday night UK time. I created his brand identity started in the middle of March 2010 until early August 2010. Check out his brand identity making.

His early brand concept based on his skinny hair which I thought is very unique, not all DJ have the hairstyle.

In context:

At previous I didn't add a circle, but when it stood itself, the logo seemed hard to use in context. He also added that the logo just consist of his name only, removing the word “DJ”

Unused concept, based on the idea of infinity

But I decided not to use it because similar shapes have been taken by other music band and I thought that the logo looked too thin and didn't represent the image of a DJ. Below is an alternative logo but still unused.

After doing a questionnaire about him and gathered information, the final design looks below (in frame)

The previous headset still used, but I made it a little look better. The “o” was inspired by the word energy which I translate into the shape of lightning alike, thus making the “o” the center of the attention. He really liked it and I continued to finalize the logo, make it smoother, symmetrical, delete unnecessary nodes/points, adding colors, etc. Below is the final logo for DJ Kouei.

I just applied the logo on wallpaper in early context

If you like it, you can vote here in Hiiibrand 2010 Competition. More information about DJ Kouei, check out his Facebook or MySpace, or visit

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