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Rabu, 09 Maret 2011
Hello readers! It's nice to see this blog is still breathing. I've just completed another design in which I am showing you below. After the retro-sparky effect shown by The Retro'styler, I stepped forward to a bit more complex design which fosters old and new techniques I've learned from the tutorial downloaded. Inspired by the amazing work of Nelson Balabanand Fernando Martinez at GoMediaZine(thanks to his great and helpful tutorial) I created my own 3D typography poster named “Plaiful” (read: playful).
I used three programs here, Inkscape, Adobe Illustrator, and Adobe Photoshop (you can use only Illustrator and Photoshop as Inkscape can be covered by Illustrator). I used Inkscape for defining the fonts used (Illustrator is also viable) but I prefered Inkscape for its simple and practical navigation. After defining the fonts, the workspace will be set into Illustrator, and Photoshop for decorating and perfecting the image. 

The word for the poster is actually “playful”, but I changed it into “plaiful” (notice the “ay” changed into “ai” - my logo). The concept here is “fun” so I used bright colors and spectrum gradients to make it alive alike. Also colorful pattern and shapes do contribute to the poster. I did it in my spare time so it took almost two weeks to finish it (the conception took approximately 2 – 3 days, creating the shapes took about 3 days, coloring took about 2 days, adding other elements about 2 days, decorating and perfecting took 1 day). 

The last great spot to look is here.
Another similar work is being considered. As usual I'm waiting for your feed backs and comments about this work. Anyway, enjoy the artwork!

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